We’re here to make pallet management simple for your company.

Clark-Alliance means national capabilities with local know-how, end-to-end pallet solutions, and a better customer experience. We’re Pallet Management Made Simple. 

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible shipping supply solutions. We offer a range of new, used and repaired pallets, crates and boxes at excellent prices. We serve the Midsouth Tri-State Memphis, Mississippi & Arkansas companies with products and order sizes that fit their pallet and freight shipping and storage needs.

Excellent solutions delivered on-time

at discounted prices!

Clark-Alliance is your go to choice for your pallet supply.

Our pallet recycling service is 15 minutes outside the Memphis, TN Area. Contact us for new and used pallets, as well as custom-built ones. We are here to meet all your shipping needs.

Our Services

One-Text Ordering

Contact us by text for quick ordering of pallets. Receive confirmation and updates on your order delivery by text.


Drowning in Pallets? Tripping over cardboard boxes, crates or barrels? Call or email us today for a better solution!


We know your customers are important to you! Timing is everything, Put your packaging needs on auto-pilot with us. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

David Clark

David Clark